Promotora de Comercio Social is a non-profit social development entity with 33 years of  history . Our activity is to materialize of the sale of the micro-business products, through the commercialization in different channels, going the hand in hand with them throughout the process before, during and after the sale. Our social work allows the self-sustainability of each productive unit by achieving frequent sales and obtaining timely payments.


Because we believe in the creative power of entrepreneurs, we are engaged to  develope of microenterprises to link them to the formal market in an efficient and sustainable manner.


On 1985, with the joint effort and the contribution of several Colombian  of social development entities dedicated to training such as Microempresas de Colombia, Interactuar, Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje - SENA, Cámara de Comercio, Fundación Social, Fenalco and SOCYA,  created  Promotora de Comercio Social, with the purpose to create, for the microenterprises of the country, more efficient commercial scenarios, difficult to constitute without experience and without entrepreneurial knowledge, aspects of which entrepreneurs  lacked.


Since then we have worked for this purpose, growing with them and adapting to changes and new trends in national and international markets.

Regional Presence

Small Project presented and executed with the IDB


entrepreneurs attended



Sales 1989

$2M (LC)

Sales 1995

$1.550M (LC)

1985 - 1996

National presence

Opening of own points of sale.

2004 - Opening of an office in Bogotá.

Started Financial Services and Projects


entrepreneurs attended



Sales 1996

$2.676M (LC)

Sales 2005

$10.935M (LC)

1995 - 2005

International presence

2006 - Commercial Loyalty Award of Fenalco Ant.

2010 first export.

2010 - Sustainable Development Award of

Grupo Éxito.


entrepreneurs attended



Sales 2006

$12.316M (LC)

Sales 2015

$19.186M (LC)

2005 - 2015

In the last three years we have continued to grow and strengthen our actions in favor of the enterpreneurial development of entrepreneurs in the country. Our marketing work continues to take off and remains firm in different countries and, until 2017, we managed to increase exports by 12% compared to 2016.


In 2017, once again  we received the Success Supplier award in the Sustainable Development category, awarded by Grupo Éxito, a prize that ratifies our commitment. In this year we impacted 856 entrepreneurial entrepreneurs and consolidated a work team of 52 people. The sales in the last year, reached the figure of $ 23.631M (LC).



The Promotora de Comercio Social was founded with a clear objective: Generate growth opportunities for entrepreneur entrepreneurs in the country, through formal, efficient and sustainable marketing processes.